Friday, November 9, 2007

Images of Fort Riley, KS

Here are a few pictures of Fort Riley which is one of the oldest Army posts- it was formed in 1853 during westward expansion.

Office buildings (above)
Once 1st DIV HQ, now museum and office space.

Cavalry horse stables- 12 total in the early days- now many converted to other things. Patton Hall- they don't build 'em like that anymore- not just the building itself, but if you could see them in total and placement on the rolling hills..

Officer housing- Field grade on left and senior officer housing on right- these overlook the Parade Grounds where significant events occur.

King Hall (above left)- once a massive indoor training facility- now a gym and cafeteria

St. Mary's Chapel (above)
Old HQ building (right)- now the museum.

Senior Officer housing (above)- notice the 'Southern Living' beautiful porch. Congress has mandated that 'Quarters' will no longer be built so large..

Simpler porch below, but still very nice. Remember, I am just visiting this neighborhood- they have us 'trainees' in quite different 'Quarters'.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your excellent pictures. Fort Riley is very familiar to me as I lived on post for 5 years in the 1950's as a Army brat. Newt Gingrich was a grade school classmate and our classroom was in a building across the street for the NCO Club. Fort Riley is a beautiful old post and I hope it never falls into the hands of civilian developers.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed seeing these photos. Was stationed at Ft. Riley from April 67 to May 68, during the big VN buildup. Was a beautiful, yet gung ho, post. Have both good and bad memories of the place.